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Klocwork is a software company with headquarters in Burlington, MA and R&D based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Klocwork was founded in 2001 as a spin-out of Nortel Networks and has over 1,000 customers who use its software development tools. Klocwork says their tool help "developers create more secure and reliable software by analyzing source code on-the-fly, simplifying peer code reviews, and extending the life of complex software." Klocwork is a static code analysis tool used to identify security, safety and reliability issues in C, C++, Java and C# code. The product includes numerous desktop plug-ins for developers, metrics and reporting. Originally Klocwork’s technology was developed to address requirements for large-scale source code analysis to optimize software architecture for C code inside Nortel Networks and spun out in 2001. Its investors are Firstmark Capital, USVP, and Mobius Ventures. The company has been awarded the 2007 InfoWorld Technology of Year and has made the SD Times 100 List every year since 2005.