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Kimball International consists of three furniture brands: Kimball Office, National Office Furniture and Kimball Hospitality. It is the successor to W.W. Kimball and Company, the worlds largest piano and organ manufacturer at certain times in the 19th and 20th centuries. This division started as a piano dealership in Chicago in 1857 as W.W. Kimball and Company by William Wallace Kimball (1828–1904). In 1864, Kimball moved from its earliest location in the corner of a jewelry store to sales rooms in the Crosby Opera House where Kimball sold pianos made by East Coast piano makers Chickering and Sons, the J & C Fischer Piano Company, Hallet & Davis, F.C. Lighte, Joseph P. Hale, and the W.P. Emerson Piano Company. Kimball also sold less expensive reed organs. The Great Chicago Fire destroyed all of Kimballs commercial assets in 1871, but he continued selling from his home, and rebuilt his dealership business. In 1877, W.W. Kimball began assembling its own reed organs, using actions made by the J.G. Earhuff Company and cases made by contractors. After three years, the company began offering organs made entirely in house. In 1882, the Kimball company was incorporated, and an expansive factory was built to produce reed organs. Soon, the factory was producing 15,000 organs a year; the worlds largest organ maker. Kimball stopped making reed organs in 1922 after having produced 403,390 instruments.


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