Aug 4, 5:21 PM

IMPACT UPDATE: Over 300,000 of KickStart''s irrigation pumps have reached farmers across Africa since KickStart has been in action. Thank you to the supporters, the partners, and the farmers who are making it possible to break the cycle of poverty!

Apr 7, 3:16 PM

Couldn''t have said it better! #agriculture #happiness #irrigation . . . #Repost @greenlifeafrica with @repostapp #Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and #happiness. #HappyFriday

Mar 27, 1:27 PM

Proud to be partnered with VisionFund! #Repost @visionfundpics with @repostapp We''ve partnered with @kickstart_international to provide affordable #irrigation to African farmers. The partnership anticipates 100,000 #farmers to benefit from greater access to #water for their #crops over the next five years. Pic credits: KickStart International #VisionFund #microfinance #agriculture #microfinanceworks

Mar 22, 9:50 AM

This World Water Day, we celebrate the power of water. Currently only 4% of arable land in Sub-Saharan Africa is irrigated, but access to affordable irrigation tools is the key to increasing farming yields, raising millions out of poverty, and increasing global food security. KickStart is helping families, like the Tilimobi family (pictured), all across Sub-Saharan Africa secure irrigation pumps that allows them to irrigate year-round, start their own profitable farming businesses, and lift themselves out of poverty. Thats the power of water.