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Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Jul 21, 4:32 PM

K/J is hiring a Senior Marketing Coordinator. Many available work locations along the West Coast. Qualified candidates; apply on our website. Copy the link provided and select the desired city from those listed. #greatcareer #awesomeopportunity #flexiblelocation

Jul 20, 2:11 PM

#k/Jtbt to one of the first Kennedy/Jenks/Chilton, Inc. Board of Directors meeting in early 1986 after Chilton Engineering joined Kennedy/Jenks Engineers. Board members, clockwise from lower left, John Jenks, Blaine Harrison, Bob Purdie, Walt Gassman, David Kennedy, Larry Peirano, Mark Chilton, Ira Rackley, Robert Kennedy, and John Rayner. #nofilterneeded #oldschool #tbt

May 22, 11:15 AM

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is looking for a Staff Engineer to join our Federal Way, WA office. Support project teams providing solutions for water quality, infrastructure, environmental investigation, or watershed management issues that our water environment and industrial sector clients are facing. Qualified Candidates can apply on our website: #awesomeengineers #kennedyjenks #promotingsuccess

May 18, 0:10 PM

#K/Jtbt to the 1994 when K/J staffers created one of the first memes. We were way ahead of the times! This photo was the front side of a post card we sent to our clients to inform them of our new Federal Way office. #nofilterneeded #oldschool #kennedyjenks #KJTBT

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