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Kelley Drye & Warren LLP is an international law firm founded in 1836 with more than 300 lawyers and other professionals practicing in New York, NY; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Stamford, CT; Parsippany, NJ; Naples, FL; and Brussels, Belgium, additionally offering a full scope of legal service through an affiliate relationship with Mumbai-based, Fortitude Law Associates. The firm traces its founding back to 1836, when Benjamin Franklin Butler moved his practice from Albany to New York City. The firm, then called Joline, Larkin & Rathbone helped reorganize numerous railroads, including the Metropolitan Street Railway and the New York City Railway after they declared bankruptcy in the early 1900s. It also played a role in the restructuring of the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company in 1908, St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad in 1913, Maxwell Motor Company,Inc. in 1913 and 1921, American Writing Paper Company in 1926 and 1927, Detroit United Railway in 1928 and 1929, International Mercantile Marine Company in 1929, and the Oklahoma Natural Gas Corporation in 1933. In 1921, Nicholas Kelley, son of Florence Kelley, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School joined the firm from the Treasury Department, having previously been an associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore. In 1943, Kelleys name was added to the letterhead. Kelley Drye incorporated Chrysler as a Delaware corporation in 1925, and advised that company through World War Two and onto post-war acquisitions. In 1947, Kelley Drye lawyers assisted the US government draft the Taft-Hartley Act, a major piece of collective bargaining (labor union) legislation. More recently, Kelley Drye & Warren merged with Washington, D.C.-based firm Collier Shannon Scott in 2006. This broadened the firm’s legislative, regulatory and litigation services, including in the areas of advertising and marketing law, antitrust, environmental, energy, government relations, international trade and telecommunications.