Aug 24, 9:06 AM

It''s been 7 years since I met them and I wouldn''t have made it to University without them. (Literally Ariel helped me pass math) #TeamBeccaGyal #DeviilsDrinkDay #ESADeviils

Aug 23, 8:16 AM

I''m not ready for school to start. I wanna go back to this moment right here #postcarnivaldepression

Aug 22, 1:31 PM

Give my little brother some loveeee their Instagram page it up! Book them for your 2018 functions now before it''s too late @mississaugatassakings

Aug 18, 10:24 AM

Late post, but better late than never Snap shot from Jerkfest! We rocked the stage and we''re so excited to explore the afrosoca genre with this mix. Thank you to all the warm wishes after the performance, the Jerkfest crowd was too sweet #satyadanceworks #jerkfestto