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Kaleidescape, Inc. is a Sunnyvale, California-based private company, founded in 2001, which designs multi-room home entertainment server systems that store and stream video and audio content (such as movies, television shows, and music) to "player" appliances connected to televisions. The company began marketing its products in 2003. Research and development is carried out partly by Kaleidescape Canada based in Waterloo, Ontario. Kaleidescape was founded in 2001 by Michael Malcolm, Dan Collens, and Cheena Srinivasan. Malcolm had previously founded Network Appliance and CacheFlow. Malcolm self-funded the startup and the company spent over two years developing its technology in "stealth mode." Kaleidescape was reported to be "solidly" profitable and was funded without venture capital money, although as a private company it did not publicly disclose its finances. The company stopped operations and terminated all of its employees in August 2016. The closure was due to running out of money. CEO Cheena Srinivasan said they are looking for a buyer. The company reopened the following month, having received additional financing.
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