Aug 28, 7:09 PM

It may only be Monday, but we are counting down the days until Labor Day and a lazy weekend of food and cooking. Are you using all the summer produce while you can, or are you already reaching for the squash?

Aug 25, 4:53 PM

Currant mood: FRIDAY! Who''s hitting up the farmer''s market this weekend? We''re scooping up all the summer produce we can before is all pumpkin, all the time.

Aug 21, 1:57 PM

A place for everything/everything in its place. What tools do you keep within arms reach of your stove?

Aug 15, 10:58 AM

Happy birthday, Julia Child. You may no longer be with us, but you have changed home kitchens forever. Three cheers to our home cooks for pursuing their passions, and to the customers who support them. #josephinemeals #eatlikefamily #withcare