Aug 21, 6:12 PM

SXSWi 2018 Panel Picker Submissions are here. 2/6: Art & Tech: A Classic Experience in a Virtual World How can we use technology to bring the physical experience of a classical music performance together with the virtual world to transform an otherwise expected experience? Read more in our blogpost about this collaboration between music and painting in virtual reality. Link in bio. #vr #technology #ideaswithoutlimits #sxsw2017 #panelpicker #isobar #vrart #classicalmusic

Aug 21, 3:35 PM

Developers, directors, designers and more all took a moment to watch the eclipse todaywith safety glasses, of course! #solareclipse2017

Aug 15, 6:35 PM

SXSWi 2018 Panel Picker Submissions are here. 1/6: Seeing in 2020: The Different Side of VR. Up until now, VR has been thought of as an entertainment tool, yet its core strength is the ability to transport users, suspending the in disbelief through a manipulation of all the senses. How can VR be used as a source of good? Read more in our blog post and see the panel picker to vote up your favorite! #sxsw #panelpicker #isobar #ideaswithoutlimits #vr #tech #technology #digital

Aug 15, 1:38 PM

Everyday is an opportunity to question, wonder and explore.. without limits. #ideaswithoutlimits

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