Sep 27, 1:03 PM

""With IPF, its a mental and emotional battle as well as a physical one, so I try to keep the right mindset and take life one day at a time."" -Ginger, living with IPF is thankful for the support of her son Kenny and daughter-in-law Megan #PFAwarenessMonth

Sep 25, 9:15 PM

""As a YSC volunteer, I make sure the women who look like me do not have to go through what I went through. We go out in the community and advocate that young women, black women, gay women, rich women and broke women get breast cancer, and we are here to help you through it."" -- Nikki Triplett Young Survival Coalition (YSC) empowers more than 8,000 young women through meet-ups in person and online, an annual summit and advocacy initiatives. We''re honored to meet women like Nikki through our partnership with YSC.

Sep 22, 11:05 AM

""When I was first diagnosed with IPF, I didnt want to share my diagnosis with many people. But since Ive told people, I found I have a supportive and loving family, and a community of many friends."" -Nick, living with IPF with the help of loved ones, including his wife Barbara #PFAwarenessMonth

Sep 21, 9:16 PM

For #CanDoMonth, Greg - a Genentech employee living w/ MS - shared his ''can do'' pledge: ""My wife and I will host regular dinners to thank friends and family for all their support and encourage them to continue to help the MS community. Want to get involved? Share your photo pledge w/ #KickMS. #TBT