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Intelsat Corporation was an American communications satellite services provider, now international provider. Originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization, from 1964 to 2001, it was an intergovernmental consortium owning and managing a constellation of communications satellites providing international broadcast services. Intelsat filed for bankruptcy protection from its creditors on 13 May 2020, with over US$15 billion in total debt.

As of March 2011, Intelsat operated a fleet of 52 communications satellites, which was then one of the world's largest fleet of commercial satellites. As of 2021, the company served approximately 1500 customers and employed a staff of approximately 1782 people.

Highest paying job titles at Intelsat Corporation include Software Engineer, Network Engineer, and Business Intelligence Engineer

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Top Experts at Intelsat Corporation

Intelsat Corporation Compensation

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$117,647

Network Engineer



Average Compensation:$110,000

Business Intelligence Engineer



Average Compensation:$125,000

Program Manager



Average Compensation:$109,000

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