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INRIX is a global SaaS and DaaS company which provides a variety of Internet services and mobile applications pertaining to road traffic and driver services. INRIX provides historical, real-time traffic information, traffic forecasts, travel times, travel time polygons and traffic count to businesses and individuals in 40 countries (as of Sept 2014) including the United States, Canada, most of Europe, Brazil and China. It also gathers, curates and reports roadway incidents such as traffic collisions, road closures and road works. INRIX was founded by former Microsoft employees Bryan Mistele and Craig Chapman in July 2004. The headquarters is located in Kirkland, Washington, United States. As of June 2015, INRIX collects trillions of bytes of information about roadway speeds from over 250 million real-time anonymous mobile phones, connected cars, trucks, delivery vans, and other fleet vehicles equipped with GPS locator devices. Data retrieved from consumer cellular GPS-based devices including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone phones, Ford SYNC and Toyota Entune. The data collected is processed in real-time, creating traffic speed information for major freeways, highways and arterials across North America (United States, Canada), as well as much of Europe, South America, and Africa. The company keeps a database of variables that affect traffic, including weather forecasts, special events, school schedules and road construction, and combines them with the real-time probe data collected. INRIX uses software originally exclusively licensed from Microsoft to turn those variables into traffic predictions.


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