Mar 7, 8:09 PM

InnovMetric Software proudly announces the launch of PolyWorks Scandinavia, a joint venture to market the PolyWorks Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform to the manufacturing industry in the Scandinavian region.

Mar 7, 1:10 PM

PolyWorks|Inspector Tip Calibrate Tool Orientations from the Sequence Editor The calibration of CNC CMM tool orientations is typically handled through the Tools and Tool Orientations pane, where the tool orientations used in a measurement sequence can be calibrated after selecting them. However, you can also perform all calibrations for the displayed sequence directly from the Sequence Editor. This method saves you time as it requires no tool orientation selection, while ensuring that all the tool orientations used by the sequence are calibrated. Step by step: To quickly calibrate the tool orientations used in the displayed measurement sequence: 1. From the Sequence Editor pane, select Tools > Calibrate Tool Orientations. If the sequence uses both probing and scanning tools, their respective orientations must be calibrated using a different set of parameters, and must therefore be handled separately. As a result, a message window will prompt you to choose between calibrating either probing or scanning tool orientations. 2. In the Calibrate Tool Orientations dialog box that is displayed, provide the required calibration parameters. For example, for probing tool orientations: a. Set Method to CNC Probe. b.Provide or validate values in the CNC point acquisition, the CNC parameters, and the Reference sphere sections. c. Click the CNC Probe button to launch the calibration process. 3. Optional: Repeat steps 1 and 2 if both probing and scanning tools must be calibrated prior to executing the measurement sequence. NOTE: If a tool changer is configured and the tool orientations in the sequence belong to different probing tools, the calibration process will change tools and calibrate each of their orientations as necessary. Otherwise, the process will prompt the operator to make the tool changes manually to complete the calibration of the tool orientations.

Mar 3, 7:00 PM

Joining us at PolyWorks Conference USA|2017? Make sure you attend our technical workshop on the fundamentals of using surface features for dimensional inspection.

Mar 2, 3:21 PM

Looking to leverage CAD models for preparing efficient probing and scanning CNC CMM measurement sequences? Learn more by attending workshop 2 at PolyWorks Conference USA|2017.