Jul 7, 5:10 PM

Today's Drillinginfo US Rig Count is 1028. Read more about rig count data on the DI Blog: http://drlnfo.co/gDEW30drnwT

Jul 5, 4:50 PM

Today's Drillinginfo US Rig Count is 1030. See the trend on the DI Index: http://diindex.com

Jul 5, 4:00 PM

DI Asset Analysis is our latest tool developed around a step-by-step workflow to easily evaluate operators, regions, and more. Simply select your area of interest and move through each tab to view activity and the evolution of wells in your AOI, understand production and completion trends, follow field development over time, compare metrics across operators and counties, run decline curve analysis, and more. Analyzing strategy, trends, and performance across AOIs is simple. Introducing DI Asset Analysis http://drlnfo.co/SfMY30dmjO0

Jul 4, 4:50 PM

Today we celebrate Americas independence and would like to thank all the tough, hard-working roughnecks and US oil and gas employees who help to responsible produce Americas energy which helps make days like today so enjoyable.

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