Mar 6, 3:35 PM

We were at the Texas Equine Veterinary Association Conference & Expo over the weekend! Payment processing advisor, Kevin Walter, said many vets loved our new EMV-enabled SimpleSwipe mobile application! Contact us to learn more:

Mar 1, 6:45 PM

Infintech and the The Devine Group joined forces for a "Fit & Friendly" lunchtime yoga session to raise money for the Heart Mini! #Namaste

Feb 14, 5:58 PM

Are you at the 2nd Annual Southwest Ohio Logistics Conference? If you see our payment processing advisor, Becca, go introduce yourself!

Feb 13, 4:52 PM

Who's at the 2017 Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Conference & Tradeshow? Visit our payment processing expert, Mark Morgan, for info on how to get a free rate review!