Impact Makers

Impact Makers

Impact Makers

Mar 3, 7:15 PM

CEO Michael Pirron and B Keeper Anika Horn are hosting a panel at The Richmond International Film Festival tomorrow. Come participate in the conversation! Subject: Alternate Business Structures & the Arts Time: Noon Place: Sound of Music Studios in #ScottsAddition #BCorp #BtheChange

Feb 22, 7:21 PM

Excited for Anika Horn's event at our space tonight! She is hosting her first session on impact assessment and #BCorp for socially responsible businesses in #RVA. Go B Keeper! #BtheChange

Feb 17, 6:06 PM

Ross Decker and Rodney Willett of Impact Makers, along with David Wade, loved meeting with the impact investing class at UVA Darden School of Business led by Elena Loutskina. We very much look forward to the Business Case they are working on, tackling Impact Makers' financial structure and return. This is a follow-up up to a B-case that was completed almost a decade ago in our early years. #BtheChange #ImpactInvesting #SocEnt

Feb 9, 4:05 AM