Jul 31, 6:07 PM

Our interns and their mentors celebrating their newfound freedom at Room Escape Adventures. A fun way to explore the collaboration thats so important to our teams success at IMC #LifeatIMC #IMCInterns #IMCInterns2017 #exploreengageexpand

Jul 28, 9:08 AM

Diverse workforces are better for business. But thats not the only reason why we held a Girls Who Code event recently. Were passionate about encouraging more women to pursue a career in technology. Learn how were playing our part, and why it matters. #IMCChicago #WomeninTech #STEM #GirlsWhoCode #Coding #ExploreEngageExpand

Jul 24, 6:33 PM

Last Monday, the team lent a hand at Inspiration Kitchen, a great initiative that gives people a second chance at a bright future through cooking. We helped set up, and spent the day serving food and bussing tables while the talented chefs whipped up a feast in the kitchen. Its a real inspiration to meet people making such a difference for Chicagos communities, and an honor to be involved #LifeatIMC #CSR #Inspirationkitchens #ExploreEngageExpand #IMCChicago

Jul 20, 7:00 PM

Congrats to our team of volunteers on reaching the final of the third annual Urban Initiatives Corporate Challenge Cup! Weve spent most of the school year supporting programs that raise awareness for Urban Initiatives but on Saturday, July 15, it was our turn to play. In total, 24 company teams from across Chicago came together to compete in support of Urban Initiatives, a non-profit that encourages young people to reach their full potential through sports. It was a great day of 7v7 soccer, and our team made it through to the end before falling to champions, CBRE. Thanks to everyone who came along to support! #IMCChicago #Chicago #LifeatIMC #CSR #soccer #charity #ExploreEngageExpand #LifeatIMC #urbaninitiatives

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