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Aug 31, 3:12 PM

Meet Jess Capen, Systems Integration Supervisor at Image Stream Medical. We asked Jess why she likes working at Image Stream, and she also shared a hobby of hers that comes alive during Halloween season. Im a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, so Im very rooted in the arts. I got into photography and television production, and now that love has evolved into my current job. As an integrator, Im taking wires and cables and making images move along a feed for doctors to use and to get better at their job. I love that because I come from an arts background, my job now is almost like an art project. Ideas boil up and then you can create something. Who I am at home is who I am here. I use my love of art to celebrate holidays, as well. At the office I decorate the cafeteria for company parties. And I do the same at home. To me, Halloween is the greatest day ever. People leave their homes and meet their neighbors; they get dressed up and pretend to be someone totally different. I always put on a big show outside my home for these people to make it worth their while. My favorite project was a few years ago, when I built a dragon with some recycling.

Aug 10, 3:49 PM

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal has published a new study regarding the effects of music on surgical performance. These doctors were observed performing closures after an operation. Quantitative rating of the doctors showed that the quality of the closures improved by 10% with music, as opposed to without. Image Stream Medical's Patient Greeting System lets clinicians play soothing videos and music pre-operatively, increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. During the case, they make their own musical selections to create a productive atmosphere. What is your hospital's take on music in operating rooms? Read the study here: #patientcare #medicaldevices #healthcaretechnology#musicintheOR #positivedistraction #ORintegration

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