Jun 6, 2:36 PM

Naakie Narty | Senior Manger, Strategy | (1/3) Some say influencer, some say consumer with a camerabut I prefer the latter. As a strategist, its important to approach every project from the consumers perspective; understanding who they are, what they like and the latest trends driving their purchases. On my own channels, I get to share the things that drive me. #HSEUSA #OnTrend

Jun 6, 2:35 PM

Naakie Narty | Senior Manger, Strategy | (2/3) I can capture the same piece of content with 3 different lenses, and each one will tell a completely different story. Thats what I love so much about content creation. I have the unique opportunity to capture my life and share my story with my audience in a way that resonates with and inspires them. Thats what strategy is all about; taking multi-faceted brands and crafting a unique story and brand positioning that resonates and connects with their audience. #HSEUSA #OnTrend

Jun 6, 2:34 PM

Naakie Narty | Senior Manger, Strategy | (3/3) The best part of the process for me is not seeing a final photograph, but seeing peoples reactions to it. Through an image, I get to have conversations with people about things they are passionate about and their passion inspires me to create new and different content. As a strategist, my job isnt just about giving our creative team the insights to develop great concepts. Its also about understanding how people respond to what they experience, so we create moments that people carry with them. #HSEUSA #OnTrend

Apr 24, 10:00 AM

Hilda Hermosillo | Junior Art Director | (1/3) If one thread runs through the moments that inspire me most, it''s nature. By stepping away from screens to marvel at natural beauty, I cultivate the sense of wonder so integral to creative work. #HSEUSA #BeachLife