Aug 25, 3:24 PM

Taran Gilreath | Account Manager | (1/3) My passions stem from a lifelong attraction to all things comfortable, beautiful, and nostalgic. Ive been an old soul for as long as I can remember, finding joy in hobbies like gardening, antiquing, and decorating. As an adult, I set aside portions of each paycheck to spend on fresh flowers/plants and frequent trips to my favorite vintage stores. #HSEUSA #Dcor

Aug 25, 3:24 PM

Taran Gilreath | Account Manager | (2/3) As an Account Manager at HSE, Ive been fortunate enough to work with colleagues and clients that have not only allowed, but also encouraged me to weave my passions into my work. If you ask the people who work day in and day out to develop a brand, theyll tell you how hard they work to differentiate their brand from competitors. #HSEUSA #Dcor

Aug 25, 3:22 PM

Taran Gilreath | Account Manager | (3/3) When it comes to experiential marketing, Ive found that successfully conveying the unique personality of each brand requires thoughtful planning of the smallest details. I live for the day-of prep of each project, when I can stage all of the plants, accessories, dcor, and furniture that Ive spent days, weeks, or even months acquiring. I love watching a clients reaction when they step onsite for the first time and see how weve combined a collection of ideas and details to bring their brands experience to life. #HSEUSA #Dcor

Aug 9, 4:01 PM

Valeria Herzer | VP, Strategy & Partnerships | (1/3) Born in Brazil, raised in France, now living in New York. As VP of Strategy & Partnerships, I need to put myself in the shoes of consumers independent of who they are or where they come from in order to understand how brands can connect with them in an authentic and relevant way. Traveling has helped me see the world through different lenses and learn about people. Here is a shot of my first day in Cuba one of my most surprising and enriching travel experiences. #HSEUSA #Travel