Jul 10, 4:19 PM

Stacy Fuller | EVP, Creative | (1/3) As a creative lead at HSE I''m responsible for bringing new ideas to our clients. For me one of the best places to have a lightbulb moment is taking an hour and going for a walk outside. Looking outside the walls of the office is where I find the best inspiration. I especially find #streetart as a huge influence, not only are they able to change the shape of an environment though their art, but they also reflect so much about the current cultural landscape. On a recent trip to Philadelphia I spent hours exploring their citywide mural project, here I am in front of a piece by #isaactinweilin #HSEUSA

Jul 10, 4:18 PM

Stacy Fuller | EVP, Creative | (2/3) No matter where I travel I always feel at home when I stumble upon a piece of street art by an artist I know. On a trip to Vancouver last spring I saw this incredible installation by @osgemeos. We were lucky enough to work with them on a project several years ago in Brazil for Hennessy. Pairing my favorite brands with my favorite artists brings me such joy. #HSEUSA

Jul 10, 4:09 PM

Stacy Fuller | EVP, Creative | (3/3) Occasionally when I''m visiting our Atlanta office I make a pit stop in Miami. I love frequenting the #wynwoodwalls to not only check out the artwork, but to see how the public interacts with the pieces. I enjoy looking at the shots people are taking, what arts speaks to which person and how through searching for artists on instagram after I''ve left I can discover more of their art. This is a mural by @findac #HSEUSA

Jun 6, 2:36 PM

Naakie Narty | Senior Manger, Strategy | (1/3) Some say influencer, some say consumer with a camerabut I prefer the latter. As a strategist, its important to approach every project from the consumers perspective; understanding who they are, what they like and the latest trends driving their purchases. On my own channels, I get to share the things that drive me. #HSEUSA #OnTrend