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IEC Electronics Corp. (NYSEMKT: IEC) was set up in 1966 and now is based in Newark, New York. The company focuses on electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS), such as the circuit cards, loads of cable and wire harness assemblies, and precision sheet metal components, for military, aerospace, medical devices, and other industry markets. In addition, the company provides services like testing and detection of counterfeit electronic parts, component risk mitigation and advanced failure analysis. IEC Electronics acquired Southern California Braiding, Inc. in 2010 to further develop IEC’s subsidiary, IEC Electronics Wire and Cable, Inc.. The company also has another subsidiary, namely Albuquerque. All the related products are based on the company’s on-site analytical laboratories, real-time and automated data surveillance, component tracking systems, and the new product incubation centers, under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 and many other standards, with Six Sigma to manage quality. In the market of medical, the company provides products like resuscitation systems, surgical navigation systems, imaging devices, and remote/wireless diagnostics; In the market of aerospace & defense, the company provides products like secured cockpit encryption systems, weapons/missile launch platforms, MRAP ground vehicles, UAV control systems, and rocket guidance & spacecraft navigation; In the market of Industrial & Transportation, the company provides products tracking & monitoring systems, railway signaling, bus/mass transit communication systems, commercial aircraft lighting, weather detection & ranging instruments. IEC Electronics received:


Market Cap$78.2 million
Revenue$157 million
5 Year Trend+5.4%
Net Income$4.7 million
Annual Report
Total value of jobs:
Total Jobs:
Average Pay:
% Masters:

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Average Salary:$225,000

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Average Salary:$175,000

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