Apr 21, 5:58 PM

Last week we hosted a new event on our platform, the #PennState University World Campus #PsiChi Research Virtual Conference. #Psychology majors have dedicated booths to present their research and in the auditorium Dr. Louis Castonguay gave a live presentation followed by a Q&A. They used our platform in a innovative and unique way and were thrilled by how the event turned out! The event is open to the public and anyone can walk around the #virtual pavilions, read the research posters and watch the recording of Dr. Castonguay''s presentation until April 24th. Check it out at psi-chi.hyperfair.com #hyperfair #3D #virtualevent

Mar 22, 4:31 AM

Come to the latest #virtual #event of the #BrightestGreenest series, Deep Green Renovations with #BuildUpon! Brightest Greenest Buildings is a unique project that brings together the best international experts on green buildings to discuss the latest developments in this field. Join the conversation at BrightestGreenestBuildings.eu #3D #virtualevent #greenbuilding #hyperfair

Feb 25, 11:41 AM

Today we are hosting Panacea Advisers Retirement Choices 2016, the only free #virtual #event dedicated to UK financial advisers and paraplanners! Walk around and chat with the top experts in the field or go to the auditorium to watch the interviews! retirementchoices2016.com #Hyperfair #PanaceaAdviser #retirement #fintech

Feb 15, 6:35 PM

Check out @iphotoeditora''s #iPhotoFair, the 24/7 #virtual fair dedicated to #photography! Discover the latest news in the photography industry, buy equipment and get tips by the experts at iphotofair.com #hyperfair

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