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Hydrogenics is a developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products based on water electrolysis and proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. Hydrogenics is divided into two business units: OnSite Generation and Power Systems. Onsite Generation is headquartered in Oevel, Belgium and had 73 full-time employees as of December 2013. Power Systems is based in Mississauga, Canada, with a satellite facility in Gladbeck, Germany. It had 62 full-time employees as of December 2013. Hydrogenics maintains operations in Belgium, Canada and Germany with satellite offices in the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. Daryl Wilson is president and CEO of Hydrogenics. He earned his bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and his MBA in Operations Management and Management Science from McMaster University in 1990. Prior to working for Hydrogenics, he held senior leadership positions at Royal Group Technologies, Zenon Environmental, Toyota and Dofasco. The OnSite Generation business segment is based on water electrolysis technology, which involves the decomposition of water into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) by passing an electric current through a liquid electrolyte. The resultant hydrogen gas is then captured and used for industrial gas applications, hydrogen fueling applications, and is used to store renewable and surplus energy in the form of hydrogen gas. Hydrogenics' HySTAT electrolyzer products can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Employees: 170
Market Cap: $90.6 million
Revenue: $48 million
5 Year Trend: 8.6 %
Net Income: $-10.8 million
Jobs at Hydrogenics
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