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Sep 27, 6:37 AM

It''s #NationalFitnessDay here in UK! Here''s 5 reasons to should stay active #physicalactivity #fitness #fitnessday #fitness2me #exercise #strengthtraining #acsm

Jul 31, 11:06 PM

Dr. Wade Gilbert, author of Coaching Better Every Season, continues to receive accolades from leading coaches and coach educators around the world. Eddie Jones, England''s Rugby Football Union head coach and ICCE Global Coach Conference opening keynote speaker, had high praise for the book; telling Dr. Gilbert and Ted Miller, Human Kinetics vice president and coach education director, that it''s the best coaching book he''s ever readthis from one of world''s most well-read and respected coaches. As further confirmation of his standing in coaching education circles, Gilbert was invited by Jones to work with GBR''s national team in the near future. In the past six months, Gilbert has traveled the globe expounding on the virtues of Coaching Better Every Season; having been invited to speak at coaching conferences in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and the UK (in addition to numerous engagements in the States). In the photo are (left to right) Ted Miller, Eddie Jones, Wade Gilbert, and Chris Snyder, USOC Coaching Education Director. #coach #coaching #coacheducation #coachingeducation #ICCE_coaching #GCC_2017 #coachingbettereveryseason

Jul 21, 10:59 AM

""Coaching Youth Football"" (, with its field-tested information and advice, will help you run your team with confidence. Youll find methods and tips for communicating with players, minimizing risk and preventing injuries, providing basic first aid, planning and conducting practices, teaching the fundamental techniques and tactics, coaching on game day, and keeping it all fun. Written by Joe Galat, a former college and NFL coach and the president and founder of American Youth Football (AYF), this book covers fundamentals of offense, defense, and special teams. It features separate chapters on offensive and defensive techniques and tactics, as well as the best practices for blocking and tackling to minimize the risk of injury. More than 70 drills and 126 photos and illustrations are included in the chapters. Designed for coaches of players ages 14 and under, this book is also a valuable component of the ""Coaching Youth Football: The AYF Way"" online course (, the official course of AYF. With this book, you can create an athlete-centered environment that promotes player development, enjoyment, motivation, and safety so that players will come out for the team year after year. Order your copy of ""Coaching Youth Football"" now from Human Kinetics ( To learn more about the ""Coaching Youth Football: The AYF Way"" online course, please visit #football #footballcoach #americanyouthfootball #coaching #coach #coacheducation #coachingeducation #footballdrills #bookstagram

Jul 14, 11:00 PM

We enjoyed visiting with Brad Schoenfeld @bradschoenfeldphd , author of numerous Human Kinetics books including recent releases Science & Development of Muscle Hypertrophy ( and Strong & Sculpted (, at the NSCA @nscaofficial conference today. #NSCA #NatCon40 #everyonestronger