May 15, 7:46 PM

Hortau turns 15 today! - Founded on May 15, 2002, in Qubec, Canada, by two agriculturally minded entrepreneurs, Dr. Jean Caron (right), an agronomist with a Ph.D in Soil Physics, and Jocelyn Boudreau (left), an agricultural engineer with a M.Sc. in Soil Physics. Visit (or our profile link) for more on our 15 years in the #agtech space. #pioneers #precisionirrigation #soiltension #iot

Apr 22, 3:26 PM

Earth Day reminds us just how important sustainability is in all aspects of life. But for agriculture, sustainability isnt just a day on the calendar. Its something we take pride in every day, every week, every month. Were stewards of our own land, land that in many cases was our parents and their parents before them. To suggest sustainability is something agriculture isnt focused on every single day is a slap in the face to the growers who have adopted best practices and precision ag practices on the farm. Thanks to every one of our growers doing their part to produce more with less resources in the face of todays agricultural challenges. Its not always easy doing the right thing, but we appreciate those who are doing their part each and every day. #earthdayeveryday #doingourpart #precisionirrigation #earthday #myjobdependsonag

Apr 22, 3:15 PM

The best way to manage crop stress is through an IoT platform. It comes down to measuring the right parameters in real-time and choosing the right sensors so that you can keep your operation ahead of the curve. Hortau CEO and Co-Founder Jocelyn Boudreau, discussing starting and growing an AgTech company at Global AgInvesting 2017 in New York. Boudreau hosted a presentation, Employee No. 1 Building an AgTech Company from the Ground Up, along with Advantage Capital Partners Principal and Hortau Board Member Timothy Hassler. Fridays presentation kicked off a seminar on AgTech at Global AgInvesting, the worlds premier agriculture investment conference series. #gai2017 #agriculture #ag #agtech #irrigation #technology

Apr 21, 10:47 AM

#FromtheFieldFriday A crown of broccoli looking great prior to harvest near Spreckels, Calif. Using soil tension data, the grower was able to monitor crop stress during and in between rain events and then schedule irrigation accordingly to ensure maximum production in the crop. Photo: Travis Goldman, Hortau grower support for the Central Coast. #PrecisionAg #soiltension #Irrigation #SalinasValley #broccoli