Jul 30, 1:21 PM

Cranberry growers in the Northeast have drastically cut back water use, thanks to improvements in soil tension monitoring. This Hortau user in Mass. is producing healthy fruit this summer without the need for a single irrigation (with the exception of two pesticide injections). Thanks to all of our cranberry growers who are doing their part this #smartirrigationmonth and every month! #precisionirrigation #agtech #cranberries #irrigation #water Photo: Hortau grower support Cody Jones

Jul 27, 6:22 PM

July is #smartirrigation month and a time to highlight growers who are doing their part to grow more with less. Did you know that since 1950, growers are producing 262% more food while using 2% less inputs according to data from the American Farm Bureau? Hortau units in this bell pepper field near San Luis Obispo, Calif. help the grower deliver water to the crop only when its needed, improving wetting patterns that ensure optimal soil moisture levels in the root zone, while maximizing the crops health. To learn more about how Hortaus precision irrigation management system visit the link in our profile. #doingourpart #precisionirrigation #irrigation #iot #agtech

Jul 19, 5:01 PM

This cranberry operation in Freetown, Mass., utilizes Hortau''s real-time soil tension #technology to help optimize #irrigation timing and duration, increasing fruit set during this critical period in cranberry production. - Photos courtesy Cody Jones, Hortau''s Northeast irrigation management specialist. #cranberries #myjobdependsonag #ag #agtech #agriculture #massachusetts #IOT

May 15, 7:46 PM

Hortau turns 15 today! - Founded on May 15, 2002, in Qubec, Canada, by two agriculturally minded entrepreneurs, Dr. Jean Caron (right), an agronomist with a Ph.D in Soil Physics, and Jocelyn Boudreau (left), an agricultural engineer with a M.Sc. in Soil Physics. Visit hortau.com/15 (or our profile link) for more on our 15 years in the #agtech space. #pioneers #precisionirrigation #soiltension #iot

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