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Hillrom is a medical technology provider.

Hillrom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., and was formerly a part of Hillenbrand Industries until that company split its medical equipment division from their casket business in 2008. Their headquarters are in Chicago, IL.

John Groetelaars is the President and CEO. In 2019, Hill-Rom rebranded itself as Hillrom. The rebranding emphasized the company’s transition from its history of developing hospital beds and medical devices to a focus on digital health products and software that support connected care across the healthcare continuum for the digital health market.

In September 2015, Hillrom bought Welch Allyn Inc. Hillrom continued to use the Welch Allyn brand name for some of its patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

In 2018, Hillrom updated its hospital bed model to include EarlySense’s vital-sign bed sensors to monitor patients’ heart and respiratory rates. The built-in sensors sit under the mattress and are not attached to the patient. They check vital signs 100 times a minute and alert nurses to any possible issues.

Hillrom's headquarters are in Chicago, IL., with operations throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

In April 2019, Hillrom acquired Voalte. The acquisition gave Hillrom control of a connected care system that supplies voice, alarm, and text communications for 220,000 clinicians at different healthcare organizations. Voalte became a cornerstone of Hillrom’s Care Communications product line. Before its rebrand, Hillrom also developed and produced medical equipment under the names of its previous acquisitions: Welch Allyn, Mortara, Trumpf Medical, Allen Medical, and Liko. Another acquisition, Aspen Surgical, was sold in 2019.

Highest paying job titles at HillRom include Software Engineer, Account Executive, and Account Manager


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Top Experts at HillRom

HillRom Compensation

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$121,786

Account Executive



Average Compensation:$104,583

Account Manager



Average Compensation:$90,000

Solutions Architect



Average Compensation:$162,500

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