Helix Education

Helix Education

Dec 6, 8:34 AM

The Enrollment Growth Playbook, the largest collection of adult enrollment growth strategies ever released, is getting a HUGE reception at #AMAHigherEd

Dec 2, 3:30 PM

We''re published! #enrollmentgrowthplaybook

Oct 17, 9:33 AM

After college, I played professional volleyball in Finland. But I hurt my knee and got sent home. For 20 years, being a volleyball player was my entire identity. The next day, it couldnt be anymore. ""So, who are you now?"" ""Im still not surebut Im starting to find my voice again. Danielle Caldwell, Content Marketing Manager #humansofhelix

Oct 10, 10:21 AM

My bucket list goal is to visit all 58 national parks in the United States. But my girlfriend liked the idea so much, I started over again with her. Im at 50 on my own. But together, were at 6. Kyle Johnston, Business Development Specialist #humansofhelix


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