Nov 3, 3:58 PM

Good morning, Chicago. Don't wasn't a dream. This actually happened. Congratulations to the Cubs and their fans.

May 10, 8:49 PM

We are launching Aldera Edge on May 23rd at 11 AM CT May 24th 11 AM CT in our Lisle and San Diego offices. Aldera Edge is a 24 hour period of thought provoking discussions and divergent thinking with the goal of producing innovative solutions that will improve our product, our processes and our culture. People across the entire organization will be participating in different ways. Whether theyre an Innovator, an Enthusiast, an Energy Minion or an Accelerator, they will be helping fuel the event with inspiration and motivation. Aldera Edge is an example of the power of teamwork and thinking outside the box.

Dec 1, 0:34 AM

Aldera's food drive in support of the Northern Illinois and San Diego Food Banks is officially over. We are proud to announce that we brought in 4,487 total donations, including $3,170 in cash, which equates to $25,360 in food. As a company, Aldera averaged 44.43 donations per participant! Learning and Development stole the competition and finished with an astounding average of 141.33 cans donated per employee. Sales and Marketing blew away the other departments in total donations totaling $1,235 but finished second in the competition with a 95.00 per person average. Both offices also volunteered their time at the food banks on November 24th and helped package around 20,000 pounds of food for their communities. Next year let's aim to double our numbers!

Nov 23, 9:02 PM

Aldera's food drive is officially ending tomorrow and we have teams executing their final attacks in hopes of taking the win. It is going to be quite the challenge as Learning & Development and Sales & Marketing continue to bring in donations. Overall, the food drive has been a tremendous success in helping collect food and raise money to support our local food banks. So far we have collected 2,832 total donations in cash and cans from 9 departments, a 30.45 per person average for the company as a whole. We look forward to seeing how drastically those numbers change in the next 24 hours!