Mar 2, 9:28 PM

A big thank you to Kara from Bumble Bee for presenting with us yesterday on "How Agile Market Research Empowered Bumble Bee to Become a More Insight-Centric Organization" at The Quirk's Event in CA.

Feb 24, 8:01 PM

Introducing our new shot ski - its purpose is to help us embrace our mistakes and celebrate what we've learned from them. And let's be honest it looks pretty awesome! #GutCheck #YardSale #ShotSki

Feb 22, 8:01 PM

We're not always proud of the number of bagels we eat but we can certainly be proud of our accomplishments in 2016, including adding 72 new GutCheckers to the team. #Win

Feb 15, 8:26 PM

Our team came up with some impressive designs for yesterday's #ValentinesDay bag decorating competition! #GutCheck #RonSwanson #Minions