Mar 9, 11:12 PM

We talked to our customer @nourishcafesf about one of the toughest parts of the jobfinding (and keeping) an awesome team. Especially in the food and beverage industry, finding a long-term staff can be a bit of a roller coaster. What''s the first thing you do when someone unexpectedly moves on? While it might leave you ruffled, that always makes for a great opportunity to take stock of the team you do haveare there any members of your team hoping for a shift or a new learning opportunity? What talents do you already have on hand that aren''t being utilized? What''re the specific gaps you need to fill next?

Mar 3, 8:28 PM

Love the team you''re with, today and everyday! Happy Employee Appreciation Day from all of us at Gusto to you and yours. #employeeappreciationday #withgusto #extramile

Feb 27, 9:11 AM

It''s time for #GustoTalksShop! This one might be hard to answer, or maybe the answer makes you uncomfortable to think about, but everyone faces it... The answer we''ve heard several times before is the loneliness that comes with being your own boss. Once you have a bigger team, you build trust and camaraderie between employees and leaders and you work together on goals and plans, sharing your wins and losses. But in the smaller stages, doing all of that on your own can rob of you of that confidence, the kind that comes with knowing that you have someone (or lots of folks) in your corner. So if that resonates with you, let''s connect you to other business owners! Let us know how you''d answertag a friend to see their answer, too.

Feb 26, 11:05 PM

Let''s nerd out for a sec. By dictionary definition, gusto is a noun that means ""enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest."" To us, when people love their work and being good at their work, thats gusto. When someone starts a business from scratch or has enthusiasm for helping someone else, thats gusto. And, as a guiding light for our workforce, we want employees with gusto. Our customers are more likely to trust people who are passionate, committed and talented at their work. And that will give them peace of mind. (You tell usare we right? What does Gusto mean to you?)


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