Guerrero Howe

Guerrero Howe

Guerrero Howe

Jul 13, 0:29 PM

Today we are celebrating Kathys EIGHT years at GH!! We are so fortunate to have her be a part of the GH family! #GHLife #HeresToEightMore

Jul 5, 4:35 PM

We have four new GHers starting today!!! They''ll be joining our sales team as Content & Advertising Managers #Welcome #GHLife

Jun 29, 4:10 PM

Its almost the end of quarter three and we should remind ourselves that when WE do things at GH WE go all of the way!! Here at GH we base what we do off of our five core values: excellence, positivity, initiative, collaboration, and fun!! Keep working hard to reach your rocks. #GHLife #CoreValues #MeetingYourRock

Jun 28, 3:32 PM

Namaste late for some yoga with fellow GHers!! GH yoga is held once a week in the Annex at 5:30p.m. It is an all-level class with each week building upon the previous new poses and concepts. #BYOM (Bring your own matt) #GHlife #Yoga #OfficeLife