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Sep 2, 2:01 AM

Sam Luce has been a pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica, New York, for the past 19 years. Hes served in multiple roles and is currently the pastor to families for all church locations. He co-authored The Eric Trap and has contributed to several other books. Sam blogs at, speaks at conferences, and works with childrens ministers as a coach and consultant. Sam will present the following at #kidmin17 - Family Ministry 101 - Soul Care: Abiding in Christ - Family Ministry Discipleship Style Preconference Session Don't miss out! Register for #kidmin17 today!

Aug 31, 7:02 PM

"I bought this bible because I have been seeking a closer relationship with Christ. I have struggled with reading the Old Testament because of my perception that Jesus isn't really in it, but man was I wrong. There are several areas throughout every single book of the bible that reference Christ, and this bible points it out to you! I have never been so excited to read my bible before! I am through Genesis so far and I am loving this, the writers even include strategies throughout on what to pray about and how to meditate on the various subjects presented. Even though I wish this was in ESV, the NLT is even clearer to understand what is being read which is good as this is the first time I will be reading most of the OT. I am in leadership training to become an Elder/Leader in my church and this is going to go a long way in strengthening my faith and knowledge in Christ! Highly recommend!"

Aug 31, 4:00 PM

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Aug 30, 7:00 PM

The Jesus in our life is waiting for us to slow down and connect with him. Take this challenge this week and pick up a copy of Jesus Centered Life, learn the stories of people who are intentionally putting Jesus as the center of their lives every day. #JesusCenteredLife