Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power

Jul 10, 10:16 PM

Saving what you can where you can is pure #VTFrugal. So is the hyper-efficient #HeatPump that cools and heats while using less energy and saving more money. Its a match made in heaven for Vermonters like you. To learn more about what a heat pump can do for you, visit or call 888-835-4672.

Jul 9, 1:45 AM

Making process on outages! Adding outside crews where neededespecially in Cntrl Vermont. Pls. stay away from downed lines. #staysafevt #802

Jul 9, 1:40 AM

Jul 8, 10:54 PM

Central Vermont was particularly hard-hit during todays storm. Vermonts Emergency Management Duty Officer and the National Weather Service reported 65 MPH straight-line winds in Barre this afternoon as the front passed through. Several buildings in Barre were damaged including this one on North Main St., which lost a roof.