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Graphiq (formerly FindTheBest) is a semantic technology company that uses artificial intelligence to rapidly create interactive data-driven infographics. Its intent is similar to Wolfram Alpha which is designed to provide users with direct information on a variety of subjects rather than going through a search engine. Graphiqs flagship product for online content creators, Graphiq Search, allows users to access its library of 10B+ interactive visualizations. Additionally, Graphiq offers 22 vertically aligned research sites that allow consumers to research important topics. The company states that 33 million visitors use Graphiq research sites every month. The data from Graphiq is mined from a variety of public and private sources and presented to users in a visual table with filters and ratings. Graphiq is based in Santa Barbara, California and has raised $32 million in total funding from venture funding companies by 2013. The company was founded in 2009 as FindTheBest by Kevin J. O'Connor, former CEO and co-founder of DoubleClick, Scott Leonard and Brayton Johnson. The site was publicly launched in 2010 with nine comparison categories, including health, education, business, and sports. The venture was funded with an initial investment of $750,000 each from the founders, followed by $2 million by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in December 2010.

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