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Mar 17, 5:54 PM

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Feb 15, 8:58 PM

Congratulations to our GF AMS Graduates! The Accredited in Medical Sales (AMS) program is a comprehensive sales education program designed by HIDA to make healthcare distributor and manufacturer sales representatives more knowledgeable and more successful. This nationally recognized program offers the only series of courses designed to prepare candidates to earn the AMS designation, an elite industry certification held by more than 1,100 healthcare sales professionals establishing their level of competence as medical products sales professionals. 23 of our sales and marketing professionals took the final exam and all 23 passed and are now Accredited in Medical Sales. Way to go! Benjamin Caoili, Cynthia Counts, Daniel DelCampo, Eric Gorman, Evan Preyer, Gail Orner, Hillel Axelrod, Jane Roberts, Jim Todd, Johneen Nix, Lawrence de la Haba, Maria Garcia Silva, Matthew Levesque, Mellecia Spencer, Michael Schumacher, Nisha Savanhu, Olivia Taylor, Robert Galyan, Ryan Butler, Ryan Howe, Sara Figueroa, Sean Ray, Tamara Prossick

Feb 9, 3:02 PM

See this video of our Neb-a-Doodle here -

Dec 30, 9:24 PM