Jul 18, 5:15 PM

Good afternoon, I am writing you this on behalf of my experience with Mr. Kelly. First off, I want to say he is a amazing academic coach. He actually became more of a friend to me than a teacher or coach. He was the easiest person to work with. I felt like I knew him for a long time and that I could come to him with ant issue or problem that I had. He took his job as a coach to a whole other level. I never expected that going back to school would be this easy and that I would have as much help as I do with Mr. Kelly. Thank you and have a great day, Joshua, Stark State Community College 22+ Program participant

Jun 26, 3:25 PM

The report from the 5th annual Alternative Accountability Policy Forum are eye-opening.

May 5, 3:10 PM

Congrats to Elliot in Columbus, OH on graduating! Here's his story: "When I started with Graduation Alliance, I was working in a warehouse and I was completely unsatisfied. I never really had time to do online classes according to the schedule of the school and keep working regular hours. With GA, the classes and work times were perfectly flexible, plus I could get my actual high school diploma. Now that I have my diploma under my belt, I'm looking at my education options and I'm going to start summer classes soon. Now, I can find something more than just a warehouse job." #reach #achieve

May 4, 3:50 PM