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Watch It Played is a board and card game-related video series created and hosted by Rodney Smith. Originally intended to be used as a resource in a play-by-forum game of Mansions of Madness, the videos received significant views as well as positive feedback. This encouraged the creation of a channel dedicated to teaching and showing the games played. In each season, Rodney, usually accompanied by his son Luke and his daughter Andrea, will do a full play-through of a selected board game. Instead of reviewing, the show focuses on how the game works, thus allowing viewers to understand it in a practical level, helping them decide for themselves whether or not it would appeal to them. Another key aspect of the show revolves around the interaction with the viewers, usually allowing them to participate in the game by having them submit different choices at the end of each video. The shows first episode was uploaded on September 1, 2011. Since then several more episodes have been uploaded, usually with two or more episodes uploaded per week.
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