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A sidewalk (North American English) – also known as a footpath, footway or pavement in Australian English, New Zealand English, Irish English, South African English and British English – is a path along the side of a road. A sidewalk may accommodate moderate changes in grade (height) and is normally separated from the vehicular section by a curb. There may also be a median strip or road verge (a strip of vegetation, grass or bushes or trees or a combination of these) either between the sidewalk and the roadway or between the sidewalk and the boundary. In some places, the same term may also be used for a paved path, trail or footpath that is not next to a road, for example, a path through a park. The term sidewalk is usually preferred in most of North America, along with many other countries worldwide that are not members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The term pavement is more common in the United Kingdom, as well as parts of the Mid-Atlantic United States such as Philadelphia and New Jersey. Many Commonwealth countries use the term footpath. The professional, civil engineering and legal term for this in North America is sidewalk while in the United Kingdom it is footway.