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GoFish was a San Francisco-based online video sharing website founded in 2003 by Michael Downing. Originally founded as a search engine for digital music, audio books, ringtones and other media online, it operated as GoFish until 2009 then the service rebranded as the advertising network BetaWave in 2009 after a failed attempt at changing their niche into childrens media. In 2010, BetaWave had also shutdown after "running out of money". GoFish was an important step in content distribution, as it was one of the first mainstream video sharing websites. In 2005, YouTube and Google Video launched, which may have taken some of GoFishs audience. Towards the end of its service, the site had close to 20 million users. GoFish used Java with the Apache Tomcat web server to drive their website, and used either PostgreSQL or Oracle as their backend database.