Jul 26, 6:01 PM

Today, our social media experts @yayayamie and social intern @bregajewski gave a presentation on the ins-and-outs of their favorite app, Snapchat.

Jul 13, 0:31 PM

Cultivating relationships is drastically important to us at Elasticity. This summer our PR Account Manager, Brian, has been working with Intern Dominic and the pair has learned a lot from each other. Dominic: Brian has taught me that taking shortcuts is a recipe for disaster in PR. Always pay attention to details. Brian: Dominic is a great writer, so reading his writing assignments has kept my writing skills fresh and reminded me of the importance of the right tone/voice. Also, he has taught me how to properly rock white tennis shoes.

Jul 10, 3:24 PM

Today on #KeepingUpWithElasticity we are getting to know our Content and Community Specialist, Jamie Pesek- @yayayamie The most important thing to know about Jamie is that she is obsessively in love with Frank Ocean. Her favorite snack is fruit candy and gummies and if she could have a superpower, she would pick teleportation. She is afraid of sharks and bad content. Her secret talent is sleeping through anything, one time she broke her foot while sleep walking and didnt wake up. Elasticians beware...Jamies biggest pet peeves are winking and people who wear flip flops. We love having her on our team for her successful social media skills and her vast knowledge of all things pop-culture!

Jun 30, 4:15 PM

Live. Love. Social Media. #socialmediaday