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Sep 12, 10:09 AM

Stay in the loop with Dependable LTL, FTL, Harbor Drayage, Hawaii/Guam, Global Ocean & Air, Warehousing & Distribution, and Third-Party Logistics services! Visit our Dependable Blog page online, and never miss an update: http://www.godependable.com/About-Us/Blog #GoDependable

Sep 5, 6:18 PM

When shipping to Japan, the customers DGX - Dependable Global Express handles are driven by the need for shipping accuracy, the quickest/fastest time to destination and the quality of how the merchandise looks. Your items arriving in Japan have to look untouched, like they are brand new and have not been handled multiple times in the shipping process. Knowing which carrier to use and which service to use are extremely important since this ultimately determines your time to destination. #DGX #Shipping #Japan

Sep 5, 6:17 PM

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, located in Honolulu on Oahu has been shipping eastbound from Hawaii to the US mainland for over 20 years. We have gained the expertise necessary to ensure our customers are happy with the type of eastbound service offerings as well as the quality of our services offered. Our eastbound shipments represent a microcosm of the Hawaiian Islands: our ocean containers are loaded with Made in Hawaii products such as beer, barbecue sauces, coffee, clothes, water, etc. #Hawaii

Aug 31, 5:37 PM

Transportation is continuously changing, and it is essential that your logistic solution providers arm themselves with best in class people, processes, and technology. We combine our in-house assets with our robust outsourced provider networks. Besides reduced transportation costs, our approach also alleviates executives of many potential supply chain issues such as freight routing, rate negotiating, visibility and multiple carrier-coordination tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic objectives. Our partnerships allow for reliable, efficient planning and movement of your product via Land, Rail, Ocean, and Air. #3PL #GoDependable #DLS #Logistics