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The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) is a barometer of Information and communications technology (ICT) development and resultant value. It measures investment in ICT infrastructure and the intensity of its use to illustrate how nations and industries benefit from the resultant value - a useful reference for future investment. This is the industrys first quantitative assessment of connectivity in different countries and industries. The GCI will not only indicate ICT investment and development in various countries and industries but, more importantly, serve as a reference for industry policymakers and enterprise decision-makers. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to work closely with industry partners to facilitate the full connectivity of people and things, creating a better connected world. With findings from 25 developing and 10 industries, including finance, manufacturing, education, transportation and logistics, the report is the first quantitative assessment of connectivity and its value from both national and industrial perspectives. 25 countries that account for 70% of global GDP are gauged in terms of their Current Connectivity and Growth Momentum, providing an intuitive glimpse into their efforts to ubiquitize and benefit from broadband. Enterprises from both developed and emerging countries were included in the study, providing data across ten industries including finance, manufacturing, education, transportation and logistics, while also assisting with analyzing the findings and identifying trends. Huawei surveyed over 1,000 executives from 10 industries as to their ICT investment plans the benefits they have seen from the same in terms of efficiency, innovation, and customer engagement, giving business decision-makers an overview of the business transformation process and how digital reformation can drive competitive advantage.