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GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence

GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence

Jul 31, 9:03 AM

#MapMonday: Knowing where to sell and market your photography and optics products is key to gaining more market share. Germans spent around 111 per person on photography and optics products in 2016 but inhabitants of the western federal states tend to spend more than their eastern counterparts.

Jul 28, 9:21 PM

#InfoFriday: Out of 17 nations, Latin Americans, Italians and Chinese most frequently entertain guests at home.

Jul 28, 2:11 PM

Red, white or rose, which do you think is the perfect accompaniment to a night on the sofa? Take our survey and let us know! #ThinkWhatYouDrink

Jul 27, 3:35 PM

How often do you host friends at home? Internationally, a quarter of people #entertain guests in their #home either daily or weekly, and a further third entertain monthly. Less than one in ten never entertain guests in their home. Download our complementary report showing the different results across 17 countries by age, gender, income and presence of children in household: [Global Study]

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