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GFI Group Inc. (GFI) through its subsidiaries provides brokerage services, trade execution, market data, trading platforms and other software products. Clients are institutional customers in markets for a range of fixed income, financial, equity and Commodity instruments. GFI is headquartered in New York, USA and operates from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and 15 other smaller financial centres such as Dublin, Nyon, Bogota and Tel Aviv. GFI operates a hybrid brokerage approach, combining a range of telephonic and electronic trade execution services, depending on the nature of the products and the needs of the individual markets. The Company complements its hybrid brokerage capabilities with decision support services, such as value-added data and analytics products, research, real-time auctions and post-transaction services, such as straight through processing ("STP"), clearing (finance) links and trade and portfolio management services. The Company was listed on NYSE under GFIG until March 2015. GFI Group Inc. was founded by Michael Gooch in 1987. GFI was the first broker to offer Over-the-counter (finance) (OTC) US government bond options to the industry. In 2001, GFI acquired the leading FX analytical software provider FENICS Software Ltd. In 2005, GFI acquired the North American operations of Starsupply Petroleum LLC, a leading broker of oil products and related derivative and option contracts. The firm acquired the North American brokerage operations of Amerex Energy in 2006, they are a wholesale broker of electric power, natural gas and emissions products. In 2008, GFI acquired Trayport Ltd, a leading provider of trading software for OTC energy products and other markets.