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GestureTek is an American-based interactive technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario and Asia. Founded in 1986 by Canadians Vincent John Vincent and Francis MacDougall, this privately held company develops and licenses gesture recognition software based on computer vision techniques. The partners invented video gesture control in 1986 and received their base patent in 1996 for the GestPoint video gesture control system. GestPoint technology is a camera-enabled video tracking software system that translates hand and body movement into computer control. The system enables users to navigate and control interactive multi-media and menu-based content, engage in virtual reality game play, experience immersion in an augmented reality environment or interact with a consumer device (such a television, mobile phone or set top box) without using touch-based peripherals. Similar companies include gesture recognition specialist LM3LABS based in Tokyo, Japan. GestureTek’s gesture interface applications include multi-touch and 3D camera tracking. GestureTek’s multi-touch technology powers the multi-touch table in Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. A GestureTek multi-touch table with object recognition is found at the New York City Visitors Center. Telefónica has a multi-touch window with technology from GestureTek. GestureTek’s 3D tracking technology is used in a 3D television prototype from Hitachi and various digital signage and display solutions based on 3D interaction.
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