Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Feb 23, 1:11 PM

Nothing but blue skies, do I see

Feb 17, 6:02 PM

Here''s to a well deserved holiday weekend

Feb 15, 7:20 PM

I got lost my first week at Georgetown, all the way in downtown D.C. I was looking for the Zipcar office, because I was determined to not be that student that got stuck in the Georgetown bubble; instead, I ended up being that student who gets lost between Federal Triangle and Chinatown. At one point, I just sat on a bench and watched as people, who presumably possessed a better sense of direction, blew past me. I remember it as a great day. I realized how much I loved D.C. and unexpected discoveries. Above all, I will always remember the best and most difficult time I got lost--across the Atlantic Ocean in the vibrant din of the Rabat Medina. I was lost for four months in Morocco; reeling in the blur of languages, and people, and music, and difference. Yet, I never perceived that as a bad thing. For me, getting lost means pushing boundaries, re-examining what you took for granted. I never felt that more than I did in Morocco, and it is because of Georgetown that I even made it there. The four months I spent abroad in Morocco taught me the merit of ''losing yourself.''Jada Bullen (SFS17) #GeorgetownFaces See more of the faces and places that make Georgetown home at

Feb 8, 2:26 PM

Rare February Healy beach opening! Opt outside today!