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GENWI is a privately held technology company based in San Jose, CA that provides a mobile content enablement platform. GENWI was a free web-based news reader, or aggregator, initially released in March 2007. Genwi provided a news feed service by enabling users to publish their feeds to one profile and follow others' news feeds in the feed reader – this feed reader was called "Wire" and was capable of reading RSS, Media RSS, iTunes RSS and ATOM feeds. Genwi offered a suite of social networking features built into the RSS reader. Users were able to add friends, send messages, leave comments and share individual feed items. The site underwent a major redesign in November 2008 and was shut down in 2009. In January 2010, GENWI, Inc. used the same technology that built their RSS reader to launch, a smartphone app builder and management system, which enables businesses to build applications for iPhone and Android using RSS, ATOM or social feeds. GENWI uses cloud-based technology to keep more than 1,500 native apps up-to-date and to instantly build HTML5 apps for iPhone.