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GENDEX (GENealogical inDEX) File is a specification to export the index of a genealogical home page to a global name index service. Developed by Eugene W. Stark as a feature of his GEDCOM to HTML translator software, GED2HTML. Starks GENDEX site originally accepted the GENDEX files until that site was retired in 2004, since then other sites have continued to support the format including the GenDex Network which became publicly available on 4 Apr 2013. The GenDex Network is the direct successor to the TNG Network created by Darrin Lythgoe and is based in part on the code used in the TNG Network. Each line in a GENDEX file represents the reference to a person record. Each GENDEX record has the following fields, each terminated by a '|' character: Reference|SURNAME|given name /SURNAME/|date of birth|place of birth|date of death|place of death|

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