Jul 30, 3:41 AM

Just as good in front of the lens as he is behind it, @Trevor_Stuurman rocks head-to-toe camo in the seasons new Vodan worker overshirt and Rovic cargo pants. #camo #GStarRAW

Jul 29, 3:39 AM

@Trevor_Stuurman is proof theres no such thing as too much #camo. #GStarRAW

Jul 27, 9:27 AM

Earlier this year, we invited South African photographer @Trevor_Stuurman to spend a day at our Amsterdam HQ. The self-proclaimed hat lover clashed prints like a pro. #camo #GStarRAW

Jul 25, 10:08 AM

Covered with stains and splatters traditional workwear fabrics are transformed into artworks. #denimjourneys