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Jul 31, 2:52 PM

""As photographers we have a huge responsibility to show the world what we experience, what is happening. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is true and what is not. Covering the drug war in Mexico, for example, I learnt a lot. You have to judge whats going on: you dont want to turn into the messenger for the cartels, but you also dont want to be the tool of the government. The truth is really complicated. You have to follow your instincts and be as honest as you can be."" -Carlos Jasso, a #photojournalist #workingatTR. #HumansofTR

Jul 28, 10:06 AM

Todays #featuredfriday is the view from our office in #Taguig, Philippines. Here, we have about 1,000 employees #workingatTR.

Jul 27, 0:47 PM

Im always excited when I have the opportunity to cover social issues and I have time to get involved with the people that I photograph. To me, photography is an excuse to meet people, to live their lives and understand realities that I would never know otherwise. -Carlos Garcia Rawlins, a #photojournalist #workingatTR. #HumansofTR

Jul 26, 9:34 AM

We welcomed our 22 new Go To Market Associates, participants in one of our programs for recent graduates, to Thomson Reuters by spending the day at the #NewYorkStockExchange. These young professionals will be working in eight cities across the US and Canada. #workingatTR #grad