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Aug 30, 8:05 AM

#HumansofTR Every experience of shooting pictures leaves some regrets, and every regret makes you a little bit better. -Jianan Yu, a photojournalist #workingatTR.

Aug 30, 7:37 AM

#Onam celebration at @thomsonreuters #Bangalore! #workingatTR (: @sandoo.j)

Aug 29, 8:08 AM

""Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."" - Theodore Levitt . . . . . (: @ainah_fortes) #creativity #creativityfound #innovation #workingatTR #thomsonreuters #theanswercompany

Aug 28, 11:02 AM

#HumansofTR ""The visit that Barack Obama and Angela Merkel made to Buchenwald concentration camp left a big mark on me. Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, who survived Auschwitz and also Buchenwald, gave a speech. I was so impressed by him, tears were running down my face. In spite of his past, he looked to the future with so much grace and tolerance. I thought everybody should learn from people like him."" -Ina Fassbender, a photojournalist #workingatTR.

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