Aug 31, 8:07 PM

As this month comes to a close, just a friendly reminder to never be afraid to MAKE SOME NOISE.

Aug 30, 7:59 PM

Work is over, so were going to soak up some sun like @jo_franco.

Aug 30, 6:06 PM

Texas needs us. Text any of the numbers below to donate to those in need due to Hurricane Harvey.

Aug 29, 9:30 PM

On November 10, the day after the American presidential election, there were zombies walking the streets of NYC, relying solely on muscle memory to get them where they needed to be. Their faces glazed over with a look of WTF just happened. I was one of them, with headphones on and no music playing, trying hard not to make any human contact, fearing a glance by a stranger would erupt tears. I was feeling something familiar yet elusive. I was struggling to process, so I started to write. Back then, all I wanted to do was fit in. My classmates would ask me, I''m American. What are you? Of course, I was American too...right? That''s the first time it sunk in. I got it. American equaled white for them. It didnt matter if I was born in NYC and that it was my first home. I was an outsider. We were outsiders. After the election, I can''t help but think that this deep fear and quiet racism does still exist quietly at times, but ringing loudly across the US now. I''m not quite there yet but I know like my mum, this is the time we must wear our best selves and shine brightly and loudly. This is a time for reflection. This is a time to knead. - @muks31, on how the election forced her to reflect on uneasy times early on in life and find strength from them. Read more on our Facebook.

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